My beef with some auto writers…

It seems that if you let most auto journalists drive a fast, good looking car, they will immediately start singing praises about it. While those qualities are nice to have, it is not the be-all end-all. A car needs to be much more than just looks and power.

I don’t blame most of these journo’s, because it’s not everyday you get to drive a fast car, and when you do, you try to be as kind to it, so you won’t upset the manufacturer (afterall, you want access to fast cars again).

Take the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for instance. While it looks great, makes great noises, and is seriously fast, it is far from a great car. The things I disliked most about this car include its ancient suspension set-up (it still has a live-beam axle in the rear), its ride quality, its giant steering wheel, and an interior that would be considered shameful in a car costing half as much (its nearly Cdn$60,000).

I don’t dispute the fun factor of this car, but there are other cars for this sort-of-money that are about as fast and are much more comfortable and atleast on the road handle better.

There was a time when I used to also sing praises for anything fast, but thankfully I have grown up now. Speed and power is good, but finesse, balance, and quality is even better. So next time you are looking at a car, look beyond its numbers, some qualities are harder to find but better for you when you do.

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