Acura ZDX Might Not Be Perfect, But Why Do I Still Want One?

Over the years, I have had the Acura ZDX many times, and it is somewhat puzzling as to why. I’d be the first one to tell you it is far from perfect. It might be huge, but there is very little room inside for people, and even less room for your groceries.

Then there are the gadgets, yes it has quite a few toys in it for your entertainment, but then there are quite a few toys that are missing also. Usually car companies like to give their specialty models a unique gadget that the world had not seen before, but the ZDX has none of it.

It doesn’t even have a unique engine. Under the hood lies the same 3.7-liter, V6 that you’d find in the MDX, a vehicle that shares its platform with the ZDX. Even the clever SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system is borrowed from the MDX.

So what you have here is a big, sports utility type vehicle that cannot be taken off road (Please, do not ever attempt to go off-road with this vehicle, it wasn’t designed to tackle any rough stuff), has very little room inside, has no unique gadgets or mechanicals and is also quite expensive.

So why do I keep booking one so I could spend time in it? One simple answer is its looks. Yes, some hate it, some find it confusing and some will call it downright ugly. But it does create attention, and if you want to drive around in something that causes people to turn their head around and look at it again, this vehicle is it. I like cars that look unusual and cause a stir on the road.

I also like how it feels. It might not offer the best ride or the most amazing handling, but it just scores well in this department. You end up feeling very content in it.

One of the things I would like Acura to address on the ZDX is its throttle paddle. It feels quite heavy and when you just casually put your foot on the accelerator, it doesn’t accelerate like a vehicle with 300-hp should. Depress the accelerator a bit harder and then it wakes up, and not only will the acceleration impress you, but surprisingly so will the sound. I surely did not think this vehicle would sound good, but it does, and this would plant a smile on my face every single day.

Because I would mash my right foot into the carpet on a regular basis, my weeks fuel-economy rating was not great; I averaged 14.1-liters/100km. Not bad, but not great either, but I am more to blame than the car crossover.

For 2012, Acura is only offering one version of the ZDX, and its the fully loaded Technology Pacakage version, but now its cheaper than it used to be. This Alliston, Ontario built vehicle is yours for $54,990; plus all applicable new car fees and taxes of course.

Should you buy one? If you have a family, especially the kind that requires carrying more than one baby stroller, then no. If however you are single, or a couple with no extra baggage, then it might suit your needs. Plus, in a world filled with boring looking vehicles, the ZDX is unusual, and interesting, and I like that.

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