The New Viper Has Been Unveiled; Has More Power And Gadgets But Will It Win Your Heart?

Just this past week at the New York International Auto Show, a brand new Viper has been unveiled. However, unlike it’s predecessors, it’s not a Dodge Viper!

No, this new model is branded SRT (Street and Racing Technologies). Why the change in surname?

The move was done so that if Chrysler or its new parent company Fiat decide to liquidate its assets at time of sale at some point in the future, the company will have more brands to sell off. Hence all their pick-up trucks are now branded Ram, rather than Ram being a model name.

So the re-naming was done purely for business reasons, nothing more.

That aside, what is the new car like? To be honest, it doesn’t look all that new. It looks like the last Viper, only with some cosmetic surgery. It does not look like an all-new car, and the reason for that probably is; that it isn’t.

Dodge SRT will tell you that this is an all-new car, but if that is the case, why does it seem to be the same size as before and still has the same engine, albeit with a bit extra oomph.

The engine in question is an 8.4-liter, V10 which now produces 640-hp and 600-lb/ft of torque. Power is fed to the rear wheels via a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox.

To harness that power, this new Viper will have traction and stability control devices, a first for this snake/car. Hopefully this will improve the ratio of Viper’s actually making it to the new owners home in one piece (1 in 3 Viper’s are reportedly involved in some sort of accident within the first three days of ownership).

It also now gets a launch-control system, so you can get the best acceleration times. Exactly how quick and fast? Don’t know yet, SRT has not released any performance data yet, but an educated guess would be that it’ll be seriously fast, but will still probably lose acceleration combats with a Nissan GT-R.

As for what else is new, the interior looks to have benefited the most on this new Viper. Whereas the old Viper’s had very cheap and nasty interiors; the new Viper looks to have a much higher quality, and much better equipped living quarters.

When will it go on sale? Probably by this summer. How much? Not announced yet, but don’t expect any change from your $100,000.

I have spent a lot of time in the older Viper’s, and while they are crude, they have a certain charm about them too. Will the new car continue to be as much bonkers fun to drive? Only time will tell.

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