A Little Story About The Lister Storm Road Car

Those who have a fetish for old racing cars would know the name Lister. This British company had been developing and racing cars since 1954. While most of their models were based on Jaguar’s, there were/are quite a few Lister Chevrolet’s that raced as well.

However, today I won’t bore you with the history of the company, because today I want to talk a little bit about the car I drooled over when I was in my teens. The car I’m talking about is the Lister Storm road car.

I first came across this incredible machine in an issue of ‘Performance Car’ magazine, and fell in love with the uniqueness of this car. It was not as pretty as a Ferrari and nor did it have the prestige of an Aston Martin, but it appealed to me because I knew it wouldn’t appeal to many others.

Some would call it ugly and disproportionate, but I thought it looked like a Bat-mobile and that made it cool in my books.

It had some cool specifications too. Under the long hood lies a bored-out Jaguar V12. Essentially the same engine you’d have found in the early 90’s XJ-S, but here it was displacing 7.0-liters and had two superchargers to give it some extra motivation. End result was 594-hp and 580-lb/ft of torque. Couple that with a Getrag six-speed manual gearbox which sends power to only the rear wheels, and the Storm can storm from 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. Top speed was claimed to be around 330 km/h. That is fast even by today’s standards.

While it could handle well on the track, the Storm was primarily designed to be a practical supercar. Thus it could fit four passengers comfortably and also had enough luggage space to carry a full set of golf clubs.

So it was a super grand tourer, but it was also very expensive, costing about $350,000 back in 1993. That means it was more expensive than its most vicious rival of the day, the Ferrari 456GT.

As a result only four road-going Storms were produced (of which only three still survive today). The Lister Storm race car has had a much more successful life and the company still produces race cars today, most of which use Chevrolet engines.

I wish the road going Storm would have been more successful; considering the time, effort and money Lister put into developing this vehicle, it should have done better.

So what are they worth now? That is anybody’s guess since I have never seen any of the road cars listed for sale. Considering its rarity, I would bet it’s worth a lot more than an old 456GT.

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3 Responses to A Little Story About The Lister Storm Road Car

  1. Geoff Kingston says:

    Hi, my name is Geoff Kingston, liked your post, I was the designer of the race cars from 96 to 98

    • Hi Geoff. I’m extremely happy that you liked the post, and it is an absolute honor to hear from you. The race cars were awesome and anytime you want to talk about the racing program, just let me know. I’m sure the readers would enjoy your stories also.

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