Meet the Polish Supercar, the Arrinera

Anyone who has seen Jeremy Clarkson’s special release video from 1997 called “Apocalypse Clarkson” will no doubt remember the bit about the FSO Polonez Leisure, for simply being quite awful.

Now the Polish automotive industry wants to be taken a bit more seriously, and they hope to change our perception of their cars with the Arrinera supercar.

Arrinera Automotive has been showing this car for over a year now, and while many thought this was never going to go past the prototype stage, it seems the company is quite adamant to turn their dream car into a reality.

I wish the reality didn’t look like a bad rip-off of many Lamborghini designs melting into one, but there are five good reasons you should still be interested in this car.

1) It doesn’t look too awful.

2) The interior is actually quite attractive.

3) It has a chassis designed by Lee Noble, a man who has proven his knowledge when it comes to chassis set-ups over the years.

4) It has an engine out of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, which in this car produces 650-hp and 605-lb/ft of torque.

5) While a base price of $160,700 is a lot, at least it is not outlandishly expensive.

So what are the chances of you being able to get one in North America?

Probably slim to none, but if you decide to move to Europe and would like to own a very unique car, this might just do the trick!

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