Never heard of the Lucra LC470? Then let me tell you a little bit about it

Many people desire to own a classic sports car, but not many would like to put up with the hassle of an old car. So the solution would be to have something that looks like a classic but has modern running gear.

If you are in that predicament, then you need to take a closer look at the Lucra LC470.

This California based company has been offering the LC470 for a few years now. The design is obviously inspired by the Lister Jaguar’s and Lister Chevrolet’s from the 1960’s.

Under the classic skin, is a tubular steel frame which according to Lucra is very light and stiff. To get that perfect balance, Lucra even offset the engine and transmission by 1.25-inch to the passenger side, because they feel that when a driver is really pushing a car to its limits, he or she are usually alone in the car. So it should handle well, although since I haven’t driven one, I cannot personally comment on that.

It should have decent performance though. The base engine they offer is the GM LS6, 5.7-liter, V8 which produces 400-hp. For those wanting more go, can opt for the 6.3-liter or 7.0-liter, V8 (also sourced from General Motors) which produce 550-hp and 630-hp respectively.

Those who prefer the sound of an old-style carbureted V8 can opt for the GM ZZ4 motor, which produces an adequate 375-hp.

Power is fed to the rear wheels via a Tremec TKO600RR, five-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration times will depend on the engine, but Lucra says they have seen 0-96 km/h times as low as 2.5 seconds. That figure does sound a bit too good to be true though.

While Lucra hasn’t mentioned the exact weight of the car, I don’t expect it to be very heavy, and given the potent engines offered by the company, the LC470 will surely be fast enough to please most car enthusiasts.

So if you like your sports cars to have big stereo systems, power seats and reversing camera’s, look elsewhere. If you want a purist sports car that will evoke the nostalgia of classic race cars, then the Lucra LC470 will appeal to you. Prices start at $85,000.

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