Porsche’s Race In Canada

Over this past long-weekend in Canada in celebration of Victoria Day, Porsche’s stormed into town (Bowmanville, Ontario to be exact) to race at the Mosport Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada is a great stepping stone race series for new racing drivers for proving their talent, or a great way for those who have lots of money to feel like professional racing drivers. In either case, everyone seems to be having a lot of fun in almost identical Porsche 911 race cars, all wearing Michelin tires.

Porsche Canada had invited me to come watch the race, which was very entertaining. There is nothing like seeing race cars driven in anger, plus the beautiful sunny day was just an added plus.

So who won what?

Jean-Frederic Laberge won the Platinum class, Shaun McKaighe won the Gold class and Bob Seitz won the Silver class.

These driver’s might not be household names, but who knows maybe one day, thanks to such racing series, they will be.

It was a fun day, hanging out at the track, walking the paddocks, watching race cars zoom by, having good food with even better dessert. Life felt good.

I look forward to the next such event, hopefully I’ll get invited again.

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