How to spend $110,000 on Used Cars

In my last post, I talked about the wonderful 2012 Jaguar XKR, a car that I liked a lot. However, its $110,000 price tag got me thinking; what could I buy in used cars that would total to that amount.

To make matters a bit more challenging for myself, I decided to only pick cars I have not spoken about on this blog before and I’d have to have driven them already. So the following is my list of used cars I’d buy that would total $110,000. All prices are based on looking at good examples of these cars in Canada, and this is what I’ve come up with:

1993 Porsche 928 GTS = $28,000.

Why did I pick this car? Well despite Porsche Canada’s press offices best efforts to make me dislike their cars, I still have a huge soft spot for the old 928 GTS. Not only have I always liked the look of these cars, but a 928 GTS was the first proper sportscar I got to take on a proper drive. It was back when I was 18 and lived in Saudi Arabia, and the local Porsche dealer whose manager became a very good friend, allowed me to take it on a drive. It had a 5.4-liter, 32-valve, V8 that produced 345-hp. Power went to only the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic (a few five-speed manuals were also made).

This was also the first car I broke past 200 km/h in, which makes it even more special. If I had kept my foot in longer, I’d have seen 270 km/h.

Like the new Jaguar XKR, the Porsche 928 GTS is a comfortable, long distance cruiser, and I would love to have one in my garage.

2007 Audi RS4 = $40,000.

Why you ask? Because not only is this a practical family car that I can use all year round, even on the worst winters day, it is also just about the most demonic car to cover ground in. It has a 4.2-liter, V8 that produces 420-hp. Power goes through all-wheels thanks to its Quattro system through a six-speed manual gearbox (no auto offered).

When you hit the “S” button in this car, it just explodes past everything on the road, and makes a great racket while doing it too. No matter what the road or wherever it is, the RS4 will be the ideal car to cover it in. All my favorite driving roads would be even better when driven on in an RS4. This car might just be the greatest driving tool ever made.

2005 Honda S2000 = $27,000.

Why the S2000? Because of all the cars I have driven on the track, I had the most fun in the S2000. The 2005 model had the revised 2.2-liter, VTEC, I4 motor which produced 240-hp at 8000 rpm. Earlier 2.0-liter models could hit 9000 rpm, but the newer 2.2 motor had more torque (162-lb/ft). It’s six-speed manual (also no auto option here) is a sensation to use and on a track its gearing always keeps the revs above 6000 rpm, which means, its always in its VTEC zone. I love this car and would love to include it in my garage. The fact that it is a convertible and its also very fuel-efficient is just a bonus.

2007 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart = $15,000

Why the Galant Ralliart? Mostly because it’ll annoy the hell out of a friend of mine, but also because I find it to be somewhat interesting. This version of the Galant got a 3.8-liter, V6 engine that produced 258-hp. Power went to the front wheels via a five-speed auto (no manual sadly offered). This family sedan thus had decent grunt, made a decent amount of noise and was a comfortable highway cruiser. I would never recommend this car to anyone, but I would pick it up for myself.

So there you have it, total this list of cars and I’d have spent $110,000 on used cars. Would I buy all these used cars or just buy a new XKR? I’ll let you know when I have that sort of cash to spend on cars.

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