Ford F-150 Raptor… Is it as good as its name?

When it comes to vehicle names, there have been some duds, and there have been some studs.

For instance I would not like to drive around in a Chevrolet Aveo, because the name is better suited to a bar of soap than a car. On the other hand, I like the Dodge Charger because it has a very cool name. What kid would not want to say to their friends that their parents have a vehicle named Charger.

However, Ford takes the cake for the best name for a vehicle ever, the Raptor. So what is a Raptor and what is it like? Let’s find out.

The name Raptor comes from a carnivorous dinosaur whose speed and agility made it a very potent killer millions of years ago.

The F-150 Raptor is built with the same speed and agility in mind, and just like the dinosaur, this truck loves dirt paths to run on.

One look and you can see what I mean, this truck looks like it can be driven off the showroom floor and entered straight into a Baja rally.

Actually that is the entire point of this vehicle, a showroom ready truck that can be entered in any competitive off-road event with the most minimal of modifications.

That is why it has nearly 12-inches of ground clearance, that is why it has 35-inch tall tires, and that is why it comes with FOX Racing suspension, plus an off-road mode to get you through the toughest of terrains. The Raptor is not just for show, it has the ability to do the things its looks suggest, and I love it for that.

The Raptor starts out in life as a regular F-150 pick-up truck, but then the engineers at SVT, Ford’s performance division go on to transforming it. They lighten it up, they increase its track by 7-inches and widen the body by 8-inches. So the set-up is pure desert racer, but don’t think they skimmed out on the luxuries either. It has power seats, power adjustable pedals, a sunroof, a great navigation system and a truly brilliant sound system. So while it might be designed to go through a jungle, it is also equipped to deal with the urban jungle.

Not that it’s an easy task to drive through a city center in this vehicle given its width, but its beautifully weighted power-steering does help a lot when it comes to maneuvering this beast. However, due to its big, knobby tires, it does lack steering feel, but nothing too major.

What is major about this truck is its fuel consumption. Thanks to its new 6.2-liter, V8 that produces 411-hp and 434-lb/ft of torque, and given its nearly 3-ton weight, this truck predictably is very thirsty. I averaged an appalling 25.9-liters/100km in the city and even on the highway could do no better than 17-liters/100km, but then no one expects this to be a Prius either.

Honestly its fuel consumption is a non-issue because personally I think this is the most awesome truck ever produced, not just from a looks or gadget point of view but as a whole. Plus even at a base price of $53,999 (my loaded SuperCrew version was just over $65,000) I think it’s a bargain. You can justify it as your Canadian winter supercar.

So if I could, I’d have an Audi R8 Spyder as my exotic sportscar, a Jaguar XJL Super Sport as my practical family car, and a Ford Raptor as my winter vehicle in my dream car garage. All I need than is some money!

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