Say Hello to the new BMW 4-series!

I have been a great fan of the current BMW 3-series coupe. I like the way it looks, it has a good interior and almost all the powertrains are fantastic. However, BMW has just killed off the 3-series coupe (and cabriolet). Am I sad? Not one bit.

2014-BMW-4-Series-Coupe-9[2]The reason I’m not heart-broken is because of what BMW is replacing it with. It’s called the 4-series (sedans and wagon will remain badged as 3-series, while coupe and cabriolet now become the 4-series) and if I were to use just one word to describe its appearance, it would be “Stunning.”

2014-BMW-4-Series-Coupe-15[2]I’ve been looking at its pictures all morning and I am liking it from all angles. If the new Jaguar F-type is the prettiest new convertible to hit the showrooms in 2013, the BMW 4-series will be the prettiest coupe.

2014-BMW-4-Series-Coupe-41[2]While not many technical details have been released, I can tell you that the 4-series has a 2-inch longer wheelbase than the outgoing 3-series coupe and its slightly wider also.

2014-BMW-4-Series-Coupe-8[2]If you’re wondering what engines will be offered! Just look at the current 3-series sedan and you can bet almost all the same motors will be available in the 4-series also.

This car will make its public debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. (U.S.A.) next month.

I can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

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