The Hottest Production Mini Is Coming To Canada. Yay!!!

IMG_0832It’s no secret that I like Mini’s. Give me any of the Cooper models and I am happy, especially with the ones that have a turbo-charged engine.

So as you can imagine, I am very excited that the craziest production Mini ever made is now coming to Canada, and it made an appearance at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.
I am referring to the 2013 Mini John Cooper Works GP model.

This pocket-rocket comes with a turbo-charged, 1.6-liter, double over head cam, inline four-cylinder engine that produces 211-hp and 192-lb/ft (207-lb/ft with “overboost”) of torque. The only transmission on offer is a proper six-speed manual. So if you can’t drive stick, you can’t drive it.

To help it go faster still, the Mini GP has been put on a diet, so there are no back seats. At 1,185-kg, it is 25-kg lighter than a standard Cooper S.

Given that the GP also has a 30-hp advantage over the standard Cooper S, makes for one pretty quick Mini. 0-100 km/h is covered in just 6.2 seconds, and if you dare to keep your foot in, it will top out at 242 km/h (please, don’t be stupid enough to try this on public roads). Thankfully, its aero package (which includes a large rear wing, among other details) will keep you stable at high speeds, while its six-piston brake calipers on 13-inch discs will ensure it will come to stop when you ask it to.

So the 2013 Mini GP will surely be fast and fun, and it will also be rare. Out of the 2000 examples being made for the global market, only 50 units are coming to Canada. At a base price of $44,900 – the GP certainly isn’t cheap. But, if you like Mini’s as much as I do, and have the means to buy one (I don’t), then hurry up before they all get snapped away.

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