2013 Range Rover Supercharged, Is The Best Still The Best?

Land-Rover-Range-Rover-2013Over the last few years, whenever anyone would ask me what is my absolute favorite SUV? I would without hesitation say the big Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged.

No other SUV felt as good as the Range Rover Supercharged, nothing looked better, and nothing came even close to matching its interior.

In short, it is the ultimate truck, perhaps even the ultimate luxury vehicle. However, it does have a rather bad reputation for reliability.

When Land Rover started work on the new, 2013-model of the Range Rover, the first thing they say they tackled was to make this new vehicle much more reliable than the old one. Hopefully, they have accomplished this, and hopefully this new vehicle will never be found on the side of the road, with steam spewing from its owners ears.

New-2014-Range-Rover-parkedI lived with this new 2013 Range Rover Supercharged for a week, a week that saw me put roughly 1300-kms on it, and thankfully nothing broke or stopped working.

So maybe, this new Range Rover is as reliable as its maker suggests it is.

The other issue people had with the Range Rover, especially ones equipped with the supercharged motor, was with its fuel-economy. The reason for its thirst was not only its massive 5.0-liter, supercharged, V8 motor (which produces 510-hp and 461-lb/ft of torque), but also its weight. So Land Rover went about to make their behemoth lighter. So now, the Range Rover has a new aluminum chassis, which along with other weight saving measures has reduced its weight by 318-kg over the old model (however, curb weight is still a hefty 2,330-kg). Lighter weight equals less strain on the motor, which means the motor is more relaxed, and thus drinks less fuel. Add to that a new eight-speed automatic transmission (previously was a six-speed box), and that should help save some fuel as well. I averaged 14.2-liters/100km, which is quite incredible for a vehicle like this. However, it will only drink premium fuel and since I had to do a lot of driving, it drank a lot of fuel, which meant that I was left almost bankrupt.

???????????????????No worries, at least I was traveling in style.

The Range Rover has always been a classy and elegant way to travel, and the new 2013 model is no exception. It is still every bit as impressive to behold as it always was, and the sleeker, new design might even win over some new fans.

Step inside, and while the interior is not radically new, it does have some neat, new features, like the flush center console and a rotating knob for selecting gears (which first appeared in sister company Jaguar’s products back in 2010).

The best feature of this interior are the seats. Very few vehicles have seats as good as the ones in the Range Rover. I had spent a long day, just driving this vehicle, and the seats never gave me any discomfort. If you spend a lot of time on the road, this is the vehicle for you.

If you like your SUV to also act like a hot rod, then again you will like this truck. Thanks to its supercharged motor, the Range Rover accelerates like a sports car. 2013rrscThe sprint from 0-100 km/h is gone in 5.4 seconds, and when equipped with the 22-inch wheel and tire sport package, the top speed for this vehicle is 250 km/h (225 km/h in standard trim).

So, the best SUV remains the best, at least in my books. If you want one as much as I do, than I hope your bank account is healthier than mine. Base price for the Range Rover Supercharged is $114,750.

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