RSP Motorsports – The savior your special car needs!

IMG_1111One of the greatest challenges to owning a rare or unique high performance car, is finding the right place to get it serviced.

Cars are complex machines, and it takes someone who understands all of their nuances to keep them road worthy, even well beyond their logical operational date.

Thankfully, such a place exists; where you can take just about any car and have it looked after by a team that really knows what they are doing. That place is RSP Motorsports in London, On.

The company, which is in its 12th year of operation, was started by Renato Fausch, a Swiss who in his travels came across Canada’s version of London, and decided to settle down here with his family.

Fausch brought with him decades of experience in the automotive business, and due to his vast knowledge on the subject, he was able to find a job very quickly in this town.

However, what he really wanted to do was to set up his own shop, a place where car enthusiasts can rely on and bring their special cars for service. London does have the largest per-capita of millionaires in Ontario, and that means there are some unique and exotic cars in this city. All such cars need servicing, and RSP Motorsports goal was to establish a place to serve to their needs locally, rather than their owners having to send the car to the Toronto-area.

The business plan was taking shape, the potential was found, now all that was needed is a proper facility, the right equipment, and the right team to make it work.

The right land for the facility was found in Kilworth, On., just five-minutes west of London. RSP Motorsports wanted the finest and most advanced diagnostic systems that can work on all modern cars, and hence created a manufacturer spec test facility, complete with a high capacity dyno with a wind tunnel that helps simulate real world driving conditions.

The right team took some searching, in order for RSP Motorsports to succeed; they looked for people who not only had experience working on European sportscars, but also individuals who had a real passion for cars. IMG_1114A quick meet with all the team and you will realize that Fausch found his “A-team.”

Fausch commented, that “if you have the right people and offer great service, even an economic slump won’t affect the business.”

Having shown a growth in every single year of his 12-years of operation, even during the economic downturn, it is clear that the philosophy behind RSP Motorsports is different from other service shops, and is the reason behind their success.

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2 Responses to RSP Motorsports – The savior your special car needs!

  1. Jeff Taylor says:

    Hi Nauman, I speak to your brother at the RSP cars and coffee whenever he shows up and I was always amazed by your brothers knowledge of cars, and then I found out what you do for a living. That finally explained how he could know so much, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your knowledge with him so he can share it with us.

    • Thanks for reaching out, Jeff. Yes, I do talk to my brother a lot about cars, which does help him get more educated on the subject. Glad the knowledge gets passed on, as that is what the car community is all about. One can never learn enough, and thanks to the variety of cars on this planet, I don’t think anyone can know everything about every car out there. I have been a published writer on cars for 18 years now, and I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Hope to catch up with you at the next RSP cars and coffee 🙂

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