Factory Five Racing GTM, for those who don’t want a car built in a factory!

gtm-106DSCN3798Most of the cars I get to drive, are built by large manufacturers who have endless resources to develop and then put a model on sale in the market. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but there is a breed of car enthusiasts who want to be more involved with the existence of their car.

For such folks, buying and then building a kit car is a very interesting prospect. With a kit car, they can truly personalize a car in a way that even the most detailed personalization program at Aston Martin or Rolls Royce can’t match.

However, most people that end up starting a kit car project, soon learn they do not have the talent or the resources to complete it. That is where Ed Konda from Ontario Kit Car Consultants can come to your rescue. For a fee, Konda will complete your project and will also make sure it’ll pass all the requirements by the Ministry of Transportation.

You can read more about his services and the car he allowed me to drive – the awesome Factory Five Racing GTM – through this >>>AutoGo<<< link. You can also see it in action in a video I posted on my >>>Vimeo<<<  account. Hope you’ll enjoy the content!

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