My Ascari Ecosse piece featured on #bcotd

IMG_5638My friend, Michael Banovsky, is a very accomplished being. When I first met him (around 2004), he had recently won a young writers competition at the Toronto Star, and this gave him the opportunity to get an insight into the world of professional writing.

Banovsky soon started working in the industry as an automotive journalist, and in the last decade, he has served many roles in various publications, including working as an editor.

He currently works on the content and social media side of RM Auctions, a dream job for many car enthusiasts.

Apart from his hectic work life, he still finds time to run a daily blog called “Banovsky’s Car of the Day” – #bcotd – which features many awesome, yet unknown, and often unloved cars from around the world. It is a brilliant site and I guarantee you, it will enhance your knowledge on cars.

When Banovsky recently took his girlfriend to Japan on vacation, he asked his friends to help him out with some articles that he can publish while away. For me, it was an honor to be asked to write a piece for his website, and that article on the Ascari Ecosse can be seen through this >>>LINK<<<.

Enjoy the read!

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