Henrik Fisker works his magic on the 2015 Mustang

GalpinRocket-Exterior-13At the 2004 North American International Auto Show, I met Henrik Fisker for the very first time. Back then, he was the design director of Aston Martin, and he was on hand to unveil the DB9 Volante to the world.GalpinRocket-Exterior-01

Since Ford owned Aston Martin in those days, and the parent company also had a new toy to show the world, the 2005 Mustang, this was an important show for the Blue Oval.

I remember talking to Fisker about the then new 2005 Mustang, to get his take on it. He mentioned to me that while he likes the design, he has a more seductive take on the Mustang in his head, and he hopes to be able to bring that to a show in the future.GalpinRocket-Exterior-11

That never happened, because later that year Fisker left his post at Aston Martin to start his own car company, Fisker Coachbuild, where he would re-clothe Mercedes-Benz SL-class and BMW 6 series in much more attractive skin.

A few years later, he changed the direction of his company to make its own, unique car – the Karma Plug-In Hybrid. However, due to bad luck and internal disagreements, he left the company baring his name.GalpinRocket-Interior-01

While mostly out of sight for the last year or so, Fisker was back in action at the 2014 Los Angeles International Auto Show, and he finally got to unveil his dream Mustang. Called the Rocket, this project was not done with Ford’s cooperation, instead by one of their biggest dealers in the world, the Galpin Automotive Group.

By combining their resources, Galpin and Fisker have launched the Rocket, which has a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 motor that punches out 725 hp. But the power is not the big news here, it’s the styling. This is a rather beautiful, and exotic take on America’s newest pony car, and it will certainly drop jaws of everyone who’ll see it.GalpinRocket-Exterior-08

While it retains the regular production Mustang’s doors and roof, the rest of the body – which is made from carbon-fibre – is unique to the Rocket.

Fisker and Galpin are hoping to sell around 100 units of the Rocket annually, with a price tag that will start at just around the $100,000 mark. Will this project succeed? Time will tell. Fisker certainly has my blessings, and if I had the means, I’d be ordering one for myself.GalpinRocket-Exterior-05

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