Some good stuff from the 2015 NAIAS…

The 2015 North American International Auto Show kicked off this week in Detroit, and the following are some cars worth seeing there.

AlfaYellowBAlfa Romeo 4C Spider: It might not be the ideal car for the streets of Detroit, but this is the city that saw the world premiere of this sexy, Italian convertible. It might only have 237 hp, but it’s fairly light, so performance would be pretty entertaining. I want one, I really, really want one.

DSCN3921bInfiniti Q60 Concept: Don’t be fooled by the concept tag, this is very near to the production model that’ll be in showrooms next year. With a twin-turbo, V6 motor, this will be quite an exciting coupe. I can’t wait.

DSCN3954Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R: A normally-aspirated V8 sports car that produces over 500 hp, wrapped in a body that combines old-school muscle with modern aero trickery… this is no pony car to be snickered at.

FordGT-rearBThe New Ford GT: It wasn’t a big surprise that Ford will unveil a mid-engined exotic at the 2015 NAIAS, but no one had seen the design beforehand, and when it got unveiled, the crowd went wild. It sure looks stunning. Powering this exotic will be a twin-turbo V6 motor, that will produce over 600 hp. Best thing about this, it’s not a concept, and it’ll go on sale next year. Better start saving up.

DSCN3916Zenos E10: I was most surprised to find the Zenos E10 in Detroit – since this is a new car company out of U.K., and such stuff rarely ever comes here. But it was at the 2015 NAIAS, and it even has a distributor that’ll sell you a street legal version in the US – sadly, no plans to bring it into Canada currently. Pricing for this roadster starts from $40,000. If you like having fun on the track, this will certainly be to your taste.

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