My visit to the Penske Museum and Auto Mall in Arizona

IMG_1346While I was in Phoenix, Arizona recently – attending the launch of the 2016 Mazda CX-3 (which you’ll be reading up on my site in the near future) – I decided to go visit the Penske Auto Mall.

As you can make out by its name, this auto mall is owned by automotive legend, Roger Penkse, whose motorsports efforts has made him and his company the most successful racing operation in America, and possibly the entire world.

IMG_1360The Penske Auto Mall in Arizona is must see for car enthusiasts, not only because of its vast size and the selection of vehicles always found in its inventory, but because it is also home to the Penske Museum, which houses many racing cars, most of which are notable race winners. I dropped by without any appointment, and was not only dressed (very) casually, I was also driving a 2015 Mazda6, which is a nice – but mainstream – vehicle. Typically, this would have meant that I’d have been invisible to those working at such a prestigious place, but not here.

IMG_1343I parked at the Lamborghini and Bentley showroom, and walked in, and was greeted by Kurt Viken, a sales consultant at this dealership. Viken was very friendly and helpful, and we talked like we’ve known each other for years. Formerly from the radio station industry, where he was a manager, Viken is now selling the most exotic car brands on the planet. It is a dream job for many auto enthusiasts, and it sure looks like Viken is enjoying every minute of it.

IMG_1372After walking through the museum and most of the auto mall – which has showrooms also for Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, among some other brands – I made my way into the Rolls Royce section, where a very friendly receptionist not only greeted me, she gave me a bottle of cold water (a necessity in the heat of Arizona), took my picture in a 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead worth $525,000, and we conversed on many topics, including alternative energy.

I had originally planned to spend about half-an-hour at the Penske Auto Mall, I ended up spending roughly two-hours, thanks to the wonderful people I met there.

I had a great time in the state of Arizona, which included a stay at The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain resort in Paradise Valley – thanks to my host, Mazda Canada.

I hope to one day soon return to this area, and not only explore more of Arizona, but also visit the Penske Museum and Auto Mall again, and so should you if you’re ever in the area.

Oh, as for what I’d have brought back with me from this place if I could have? Well, I think their 2009 Bentley Brooklands coupe (pictured below) would suit me just fine. It is rare and fast – only 550 units were ever made, and has a top speed of 297 km/h. Plus, it is also very comfortable, which would make my 3,400 km drive back home a lot easier.


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