Interesting Used Car Of The Week: 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Pantera-1It is perhaps the most perfect blend between a muscle car and a supercar, and it stayed in production for 22 years. I’m talking here about the De Tomaso Pantera.

In all this time, roughly 7,260 examples of the Pantera rolled off the De Tomaso production line in Modena, Italy – that is an impressive figure for a two-seater supercar.

Now, there is one for sale in Montreal, Canada. The example you see here is a 1974 Pantera GTS model with 57,538 miles on the odometer. This black on black example is propelled by a 5.7L Ford V8 – a.k.a. Cleveland – motor that sends power to the cars fat rear wheels via a ZF five-speed manual gearbox. While the ad – which you can see by clicking >>>this<<< link – makes no mention of power output for this particular example, a GTS in the right state of tune is good for about 355 hp.pan-2

Now, for the really big number, the price. The seller wants $189,000 for this example. That is certainly on the very high end of Pantera pricing, but given how other Italian exotics from this era – such as the Lamborghini Countach, and the Ferrari Testarossa – are rapidly gaining in value these days, I have no doubt that the Pantera is quickly becoming a collector item too.

I drove a 1973 De Tomaso Pantera a few years back, and simply fell in love with it. It made all the right noises and was much faster than its power figure suggested. It remains to this day, one of my all time favourite driving experiences. If I could have one, I honestly would.

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