Interesting Used Car Of The Week: 2006 Panoz Esperante GTLM Roadster

esperante_gtlm_06I won’t go into too many details  as to who Panoz is, and what the Esperante is all about, since I wrote about it in detail on this site in the past – you can see that story through this >>>LINK<<<.

However, while I was looking for an interesting used car to feature this week, I came across this 2006 Panoz Esperante, and thought it was worthy of being showcased, because this particular example is a GTLM model.

The GTLM was the most powerful version offered directly from the factory – supercharged 4.6L V8 = 425 hp, 390 lb-ft torque – and the Roadster was the most expensive (when new, you’d have saved $10,000 by ordering the coupe version instead).06_esperante_gtlm_rear

This example has covered just under 27,000 miles (43,400 kilometers), and features a six-speed manual gearbox, BBS alloy wheels, carbon fibre trim, and a Blaupunkt stereo.

The price is not bad either, the selling dealer is asking just $55,988 – back in 2006, the original owner probably ended up paying upwards of $165,000.

So, if you like going to car meets with a car no one else likely has, you’ll enjoy the Esperante GTLM. You can check the listing for this car >>>here<<<.

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