Dany Bahar is back, and he heads a new company called ARES

ARES_HURACANRemember Dany Bahar, the man who went from working for Ferrari, to become CEO of Lotus Cars, only to be let go by the Malaysian-owned British sports car company, amidst claims of mistreating company funds and leading the company into a hopeless future!

Well, he’s back, and he has started a new company called, ARES, which is in the business of modifying expensive cars to become even more exclusive and much more expensive than they were in the first place.

Upon a customers demands, ARES will give your car a new interior trimmed in the finest materials, and also give the car a visual upgrade. With companies like Mansory, and Hamann – among a few others – already in this business, ARES hopes that their modifications will be a step above the rest, hence bringing them a steady stream of business.

To make their presence felt, ARES has just opened their first showroom, at 77 Piccadilly Street, in the prestigious Mayfair district in London, England.

With the announcement of their first ever store, ARES released the following statement:

“The Piccadilly centre is a fabulous enhancement of the ARES brand. Luxurious and contemporary, the stunning ground floor showroom has space for four hand-crafted vehicles from the ARES range. For the site’s launch, a Lamborghini Huracán, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are on display, highlighting the breadth of the brand’s capabilities to create a special automotive experience.

As clients enter this most prestigious of London addresses, they are immersed in a world of bespoke luxury automotive design. At the rear of the showroom is the atelier itself – the word means ‘studio’ or ‘workshop’ in French, and is traditionally associated with master craftsmen creating fine art of the highest quality. Here, customers can work with ARES’ experienced showroom staff to specify and personalise every aspect of their new vehicle.

The opening of the Piccadilly showroom – formerly occupied by Japanese car brand Infiniti – represents a significant financial investment by the ARES team. However, it is just the start; illustrating the brand’s long-term commitment to London and vision for the future, Phase II will see the creation of a lower ground floor with an enlarged capacity.”

ARES_S_ClassDany Bahar, ARES Chief Executive Officer and Founder, said: “With so many of the world’s wealthiest individuals favouring a summer in London, this is the perfect time and location for the first ARES boutique store.”

Bahar added: “Our unique atelier approach is about immersing our clients in our world, our materials and processes, our vision and our ambition. There is no other automotive experience like it.”

The location will also act as the exclusive outlet for UK customers to purchase STREIT armoured vehicles and follows the announcement in December that the STREIT Group would distribute ARES vehicles throughout the Middle East and Africa. “Security is increasingly at the forefront of customers’ minds,” said Guerman Goutorov, STREIT Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Now customers in the UK can access our trusted technology and specify a vehicle that combines security with ARES’ elegant luxury from a single location.”

ARES has plans to open locations in other parts of the world, but will they make their way into Canada? Probably not directly. ARES_G_ClassWhile a showroom in Toronto or Vancouver could bring the firm some clients, the company would likely look into expanding in America, especially in states like California and New York, where the number of wealthy clients is quite abundant.

From the first images released by the brand, ARES’ work does look quite impressive – which should please their clients, who are looking to stand apart in a crowd of other prestige cars.

ARES’ first work examples consist of a Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes-Benz S-class and G-class, and the Range Rover. Will we see an ARES modified Lotus in the near future? I wouldn’t bet on it.

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