More Breaking NEWS!!! Could Henrik Fisker be teaming up with Bob Lutz?

new_fisker2The press schedule for the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has been published, and as I browsed through it, something interesting caught my eye.

You see, for the 10:00 AM slot on January 12, 2016 – the name of the exhibitor to be holding a press conference is stated as “VL” – a company that is jointly established by Gilbert Villarreal (an automotive industrialist) and Bob Lutz (who is one of the best known automotive CEOs of all time). This I found slightly odd, because as per a press release I received last week, that is the same time when Henrik Fisker was planning to pull the covers off his latest supercar, The Force 1.

This got my mind turning, and my phone dialing to dig into this matter a bit more. I also started thinking about what Mr. Lutz told me the last time I saw him – as to how much he admires Fisker’s design talent, and also that these two are actually good friends.

So, putting two and two together just hints at the prospect that Fisker and Lutz are working together on The Force 1. Given that Lutz has been marketing the VL Destino (a Fisker Karma sedan with a supercharged V8, rather than the original plug-in hybrid drivetrain) for the past two years, could The Force 1 be based on the platform of the old Karma?

Not quite. Insider information has revealed to me that The Force 1 (which will likely be launched under a new brand name, rather than HF Designs or VL) is likely to be based on a proper sports car chassis – Mustang, Corvette, Viper, F-Type… your guess is as good as mine. However, it has also been published elsewhere that Fisker will reveal two cars in Detroit next month, and the other car will very much likely be a new design take on the Karma, only this time being done by the man who penned it in the first place.new_fisker1

If this is true, then the word, Karma, which means: “What goes around, comes around”, will hold a very accurate meaning to Fisker, as his car is coming back to him.

Browsing for more clues, I found the pictures you’re seeing on this story from Henrik’s facebook account. While they don’t reveal too much – other than the fact that these panels are made out of carbon fibre – it shows that work is well under way for what may very well be the stars of the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit, MI.

All however will be revealed in a few weeks time, but I thought I’d share with you – my faithful readers – what I’ve stumbled across.

I’ll be at the 2016 NAIAS, and will publish many of the latest reveals from one of the greatest auto shows on earth.


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