Interesting Used Car Of The Week: 1996 Spectre R42

DSC_4583The subject of this weeks interesting used car find has nothing to do with the evil organization – SPECTRE – that had given James Bond a hard time over the years, however, it does have a Hollywood connection – sort of.

You see, the Spectre R42 got a starring role is a terrible movie called “RPM.” While the movie featured Famke Janssen – who is a total babe – but also had David Arquette as the leading man, and as you can imagine, that was only the beginning of this films problems.

But, this is not a movie review, so I’ll tell you a bit about the car. The R42 was the brain child of Ray Christopher, who made a name for himself by building replicas of the Ford GT40. The R42 was very much inspired by the GT40 – hence the similar name.

However, as is often the case with struggling upstarts, this British company got bought by an American firm, Christopher left the company soon after, and new folks were brought in to finish the project.

One of the investors was famed racing driver Derek Bell, whose presence sure would help sell this unknown, $140,000 sports car. According to reports, 23 examples of the R42 left the factory, which is certainly not a lot, but still better than what Ascari or Cizeta ever achieved.

As for the car itself, it was made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and fibreglass, and the end result was a vehicle that tipped the scales at 1,250 kg. A Ford SVT Cobra spec 4.6L V8 gave it propulsion, tweaked to produce about 360 hp. Given the power to weight ratio, the R42 could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and top out at 280 km/h – certainly a quick car. Reviews at the time also praised its handling, so it was a genuine supercar contender.

A year after the launch of the car, Spectre went bankrupt, and production stopped. A few years later, the company tried to make a comeback with an updated (and uglier) version called the R45, but that never entered production.

Given the rarity, finding one for sale is not easy, but thanks to my friend Michael Banovsky (who sent me the link), I am able to bring you this listing today.

This particular R42 is one of only four, left hand driver versions ever produced. Mileage is not mentioned, but the price is – you can bring this one home for $66,865 (Euro 43,900).

For more information, check >>>THIS<<< link.


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