Interesting Used Car Of The Week: A Corvette C5 pretending to be a Saleen S7!

medium_2002_saleen_replica_s7_yellow_2_door_coupe_3ec402744fUsually for my “Interesting Used Car Of The Week” feature, I like presenting, rare and accomplished vehicles. Well… the one this week is trying to be something – but I still can’t make sense of it.

America builds lots of cars and trucks, some of which are sporty. America, however, is not well known for making supercars. It has made a few, but its not exactly their specialty. One of the best they’ve ever made was the Saleen S7, a supercar produced by a company mainly known for making Mustangs look better and go faster.

The S7 was a race car for the road – I should know, I was in one on the street for a bit of a ride, and I’ve never been in a car this stiff in my entire life.

medium_2002_saleen_replica_s7_yellow_2_door_coupe_5beddb1abeWith a car as special as the S7, you can expect its price tag to be just as special – and it was. They were about $500,000 when new, and are still around that figure, so acquiring one is not going to be easy – unless your daddy is Diddy.

I’m guessing that the person who commissioned the car seen here, was in a dilemma. He (I’m pretty sure it was a guy who was behind it, women are usually smarter than this) wanted a Saleen S7, but couldn’t afford one, so he spent his money converting a Chevrolet Corvette C5 into an S7 replica.

Given the amount of work that seems to have gone in making this replica, I wonder how much money he actually spent on it? This replica is ridiculous and interesting at the same time, because the result is almost commendable.

medium_2002_saleen_replica_s7_yellow_2_door_coupe_562cde900dNot only has the look been modified, but so has the power. This S7 replica is claimed to have a twin-turbo system that raises the power output of the good old Chevy V8 to a claimed 1200 horsepower! Even the dealer (Specialty Sales Classics) who is trying to sell it now is not sure of this vehicles actual performance, because they haven’t verified the claim by putting it on a dyno.

If you have US$73,000 to spend on a car that has an identity crisis, this might just be the car for you! Me, I think I’ll pass.medium_2002_saleen_replica_s7_yellow_2_door_coupe_9e863c886d

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2 Responses to Interesting Used Car Of The Week: A Corvette C5 pretending to be a Saleen S7!

  1. Anthony Foderaro says:

    that car is you

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