Exclusive – Future plans of VLF Automotive as detailed by Henrik Fisker

IMG_1486bIt has been just over two months since VLF Automotive launched as America’s newest car company, but things have been very quiet on their social media pages lately.

Out of curiosity, I got in touch with Henrik Fisker, who is one of the partners in this company, to find out what’s what.

Fisker told me, that the reason their social media has been quiet is out of choice. He said, “We want people to look for us, to come and find us, rather than us being out there in the public all the time. We are a niche car company and want to remain special.”

Fisker mentioned, that companies like Bentley and Rolls Royce nowadays have to do stuff constantly on social media because they need to move a lot of product – VLF only plans on selling a few dozen cars annually to keep going, for now at least.

And things seem to be going just fine. Fisker told me, that Carlos Santana is soon going to be the first customer to take delivery of a VLF Destino – the re-engineered Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sedan that now sports a Corvette ZR-1 powertrain that develops 638 hp, and is now capable of cracking 200 mph.

Things also seem to be coming along just fine for what was VLF Automotive’s star car from the 2016 North American International Auto Show, the Force 1 V10. Fisker told me, that they are actually ahead of schedule on this re-bodied and heavily tweaked Dodge Viper. Fisker said that the first car will be ready by May, which is actually a month ahead of their initial schedule.

VLF Automotive plans to make 50 examples of the Force 1 V10, and hopes to complete this run in about two years.

So, what’s next for VLF Automotive? Well, this is where the conversation got even more exciting. Fisker hinted that he might do a roadster version of the Force 1 – and since Dodge doesn’t offer an open-top model of the current Viper, VLF will give fans of this V10 powered supercar something to get really excited about.

That’s not all, Fisker also revealed that he plans on doing a “super luxury American SUV” – something that can compete with the top of the line Range Rover and the new Bentley Bentayga. Fisker said, that America made SUVs popular, and hence an American company needs to offer a product that can compete at the top of this segment. Given that VLF Automotive will build their super SUV on a current offering, it’ll be interesting to see what it’ll be based on. Given that Bob Lutz is also one of the partners in VLF Automotive, this former Vice Chairman of General Motors will likely strike a deal with Cadillac for this new SUV.  That’s just my guess, no details have been revealed, yet.

One thing VLF Automotive is not looking to do, are one-off cars. Fisker said it takes too much time and money to do a one-off, and even if they charge a client somewhere in the region of $4-million for a special car, its not that beneficial to the future of the company.

Nor can you expect VLF Automotive to make body kits, spoilers, or carbon-fibre interior panels for new or old sports cars, because they are not an aftermarket supplier.

So, it seems that Fisker and his partners have a clear vision 0f what they want to do with their company, and I wish them all the best for the future.

Meanwhile, Fisker is busy with other, non-car related projects, too. He will be a guest lecturer at UCLA Anderson Executive Education this May with a program called “Leadership by Design.”

Fisker has also joined forces with Benetti, to make an exclusive series of 50 meter super yachts – expect this project to use exotic materials such as carbon-fibre, along with solar panels and reclaimed wood to keep its carbon footprint down. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Oh, and Fisker will also be on a reality TV show, where he will help discover the next great designer.

So Fisker has a lot on his plate, and that’s just the way he likes to roll. Speaking of rolling, if you live in Southern California, you might just see him cruise by in his new Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket Speedster – he sure knows how to have fun in the midst of his busy schedule.

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