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Interesting Used Car Of The Week: Jaguar XJ Pickup Truck!

I like Jaguar’s, they offer the perfect blend of style, speed, and luxury. However, I live in a town that is ruled by the pickup truck – 1 in 3 vehicles in London, On. seems to be a pickup truck – … Continue reading

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The New Mazda CX-9 – Is It Better Than The Old One?

The gen-one CX-9 was Mazda’s first foray into the large crossover market. It might not have been a sales leader in its segment, but it did well enough for this Japanese automaker to consider doing an all-new version. This time, the product is all … Continue reading

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Campagna T-REX and V13R now road legal in Ontario, finally!

Canada hasn’t had much success with its home-grown automotive brands, and some of it is down to their own regulations. Campagna has been around since 1988, but only this year, will its products be available for sale in the most populous Canadian province, … Continue reading

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