Interesting Used Car Of The Week: Jaguar XJ Pickup Truck!

Jaguar-XJ-V-12-Pick-up-7I like Jaguar’s, they offer the perfect blend of style, speed, and luxury.

However, I live in a town that is ruled by the pickup truck – 1 in 3 vehicles in London, On. seems to be a pickup truck – so how can I fit in with the crowd and also please my needs?

The vehicle I’m featuring here might be the answer. It is a 1969 Jaguar XJ, that’s been converted into a pickup truck. More so, this XJ just happens to also be a 6.0L V12 model, which makes it – I think – the only 12-cylinder pickup truck ever made (please do correct me, if I’m wrong).

Not much information is available in this vehicle’s advert; such as, who built it, or what its worth – but it does mention that this blue on crème example has covered just 818 km.

For more information, click >>>this link<<< folks.Jaguar-XJ-V-12-Pick-up-3


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1 Response to Interesting Used Car Of The Week: Jaguar XJ Pickup Truck!

  1. Rob says:

    I am aware of another similar conversion, although I never saw it once completed (assuming the project ever reached fruition). The Jaguar was intended to be used as a flower car for funerals.

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