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At the 2016 British Car Show in Burlington…

I try to go to this show on an annual basis, and it never disappoints – hence I keep going back, lol! If you missed it, not to worry, I covered all the best bits in an article for >>><<< … Continue reading

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Driving Exotic Supercars On The Race Track Is An Adrenaline Rush

I love driving, so what can be better than taking the helm of powerful supercars on a race track where there are no speed restrictions? GTA Exotics – an Oakville, On. based company – offers just what the speed demon in you demands, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Assignment: Spending A Day With Dr. Paul Deutschman – The Designer Of Callaway Cars

I have been a fan of Dr. Paul Deutschman – the designer of Callaway Cars – even before I got into my teen years. The admiration was easy to explain: Dr. Deutschman’s name was linked to not only the fastest … Continue reading

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