The Greatest Assignment: Spending A Day With Dr. Paul Deutschman – The Designer Of Callaway Cars

callaway17I have been a fan of Dr. Paul Deutschman – the designer of Callaway Cars – even before I got into my teen years. The admiration was easy to explain: Dr. Deutschman’s name was linked to not only the fastest Corvettes ever made, but also – in my opinion – the prettiest.

I have always had immense respect for car designers, and among this elite crowd, ranked Dr. Deutschman right at the top. While we both live in Canada, I never thought I’d get the chance to meet Dr. Deutschman in person – the fact that I recently got to spend a day in his company, and have had several email and phone call conversations with him for >>>THIS STORY<<< is just mind blowing!

Writing this feature is the highlight of my career, and I cannot say “Thank you” enough to all those who helped me put this together.

callawayc12Putting this story together was a lot of fun, and it required a lot of planning. Unlike press launches, where a car company flies you to a location, feeds you, puts you in a nice room, and then give you a presentation so you can write your piece; I had to contact everyone involved, set a date, make travel arrangements, sort out accommodation and food, and make sure I can still ask all the required questions, take notes, and look after photography. This really was the most ambitious story I had ever gotten involved in, but getting to use all my journalism skills – which I acquired from the Journalism-Print program at Niagara College (1999 to 2001) – was very satisfying.

You can >>>Read All The Details Behind This Story<<< by pressing on that highlighted link, and I hope you’ll enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed working on this feature. Enjoy!


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