The incredibly shrinking NAIAS in 2017

img_5121I first visited the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, back in 1998. It was a huge show, with all the manufacturers not only present, but out in force – putting on displays to one up each other.

The 2017 edition of the NAIAS was different, very different!

Not only did many manufacturers refused to partake in this years main show – hence, no Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, McLaren, etc. – but since there were so few auto makers on hand, the show floor was vastly reduced.

I’ve honestly been to car meets that had more cars and more diversity of cars than this year’s NAIAS, and that’s a shame.

It seems even the local manufacturers don’t even care about this show, as Chrysler didn’t even bother with a press conference, and the only new car on their booth – the Portal Concept – was revealed a week earlier at the Consumer Electronics Show. Ford did even worse, possibly, because they didn’t bother to release the 2018 Mustang on media days for the 2017 NAIAS, instead they lazily revealed the car a week later, and parked it at the show, after most of the people had already gone through the auto show – that’s lame, Ford.

If there is a silver lining to my trip to the NAIAS this year, it isn’t because of the show, but instead because of who went with me!img_5161

Dr. Paul Deutschman, a Canadian car designer, who has also penned every single Callaway Cars creation since 1988, came with me to the show. I have been a fan of his work since I was not even in my teen years, so to be able to go to a show with my automotive design hero, was a great treat.

Dr. Deutschman even did an article with me, on what caught his eye – both for good, and not so good reasons – and you can read it in detail through >>>this link<<< on

For more information on Dr. Deutschman, and his design services, please >>>see this link<<< to his website.


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  1. Anthony Foderaro says:

    you go girl!

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