17 cars worth seeing at the 2017 CIAS

After the disappointment of the 2017 North American International Auto Show, held in Detroit, MI., in early January, it was up to the city of Toronto to bring its A-game and deliver on what an auto show should be like.

I think it did really well, and here are just 17 vehicles that caught my attention at the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS):


Let’s kick off with the most extreme car at the venue, the 2017 Bugatti Chiron. This 1,500 hp beauty will blast by anything on the road, and with a price tag of roughly $4.5-million (all prices listed are in Canadian funds, just to be clear to my international audience), it needs to be outrageously fast – while no official numbers are out yet, expect a 0 – 100 km/h time of 2.3 seconds, and a top speed in the 430 km/h range. Only 500 will be built, so place your order before they’re all snapped up.


From one extreme to another, the 2017 CIAS also had a 20 year old car, as this Lotus Elise S1 is from 1997. I love these cars, and this one looked to be in great shape.

img_5391bThe Dodge Viper is on its way out, but it still looks mighty mean, especially in this ACR trim. This example, with all possible options, is worth $210,000 – and while some might think that’s a ludicrous price for a Viper, might I remind you, the entire allocation of these cars is already sold out! Goodbye Viper, thank you for the memories!

img_5396bWhile the Viper is on its way out, the gen-two Acura NSX is just making its way in the market, with only a handful of these getting delivered in 2016 to Canadian buyers. I love the way it looks, and I hope I get to sample this hybrid supercar in the near future.

img_5400bOn a much more affordable scale, Honda will soon offer a Type R version of the new Civic hatchback. While details are currently scarce as to what the production model will offer, I think it’ll be a wild ride, that will surely hunt for buyers who are currently considering the Ford Focus RS.


Speaking of Ford, here is the 2018 Mustang Convertible. I really like the new nose, although, I wish it had a revised butt, too.


Jaguar has revised the F-Type, too. Not only is the car getting prettier, there are more power options now too, such as this 400 Sport model, which has 400 hp from a supercharged V6 motor. Jaguar says this 400 Sport model is for one year only, so get it while you can!


Yes, that is a Kermit the Frog green, BMW M3. I really like it – and you certainly won’t lose this car in a parking lot – it kinda stands out.


Much more than that M3, I’d rather take home this BMW i8, with a Hamann rear spoiler, and HRE wheels. It’s a neat car with a subtle aesthetic enhancement.


From a fuel-sipping plug-in hybrid sports car, to a gargantuan, gas guzzling SUV. They don’t come much bigger than a Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4(2) – as is 4×4 squared – and while I’m not usually into such vehicles, I think this will be the ultimate winter warrior!

img_5442bThe new Audi R8 V10 Spyder, it sure looks yummy, and with 540 hp, it sure as hell will be fast, too. Price, about $200,000.


Lincoln showed a stunning concept version of the next Navigator model, and I think it looks great – although not as great as the cutie that was tasked to present it.

img_5465bThis 1951 Buick Le Sabre concept proved, that GM once knew how to do show stopping cars, an art they seemed to have lost recently!


This Aston Martin AM RB-001 looks like a concept car, but this hybrid V12 animal will go into production – and the company’s CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer, who was at the show, “promised” that he will give this car a proper name when the full production model is unveiled.


I don’t usually like tuner cars, but this modded up Nissan GT-R looks the biz! Doesn’t look ideal for road use, though.


Ayrton Senna was the greatest driver to have ever lived, and even though he died back in 1994, he is still sorely missed today. I had a lump in my throat, when I saw his Lotus from the 1987 season.


I had a quiet moment with this car, too. This Benetton was driven by Michael Schumacher in the 1992 F1 season, a team he went on to win the 1994 and 1995 F1 season with. While Schumi is still with us, there is hardly any news on his current state, after the freak skiing accident left him with a major head injury. Hope you’ll step out in the limelight soon, Michael, your fans miss you.

That’s it from this year’s CIAS, hope you enjoyed this brief look at the show.

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